Skin Health

Our skin changes with age. It becomes thinner and drier; it begins to wrinkle and the age spots and skin tags appear. Improving skin health is therefore important for those who wish to maintain radiant beauty despite aging.

Regular skin care with topical products and cosmetic procedures produce great results, but they are only part of the solution. Our skin needs the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to delay natural aging.

Dr. M. Tager has introduced a new term – integrative aesthetics.

“Integrative Aesthetics encompasses personalized assessments, treatments, and counseling that recognize skin health and beauty as highly dependent upon multiple organ systems that are themselves affected by nutritional genomics, lifestyle, and environment “. (M. Tager. Feed Your Skin Right. 2022).

Today, there are tools that can help to individualize treatments for people who want to feel and to look good.

The personalized assessments of skin risks and needs can be completed with specific DNA tests, hormonal tests, food sensitivity - and gut microbiome tests.

Your integrative health doctor can help you to manage your hormone imbalance, make a personal meal plan, choose supplements, change your lifestyle habits and give counseling on topical products and cosmetic procedures.