Allergies are on the rise. Genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, increased exposure to chemicals, antibiotics overuse and even improved hygiene may contribute to the rapid increase in allergies over the past years.

Common allergic diseases include asthma, hay fever, food allergies and eczema. The incidence of these chronic conditions increased despite attempts of health care professionals to control them.

Allergy is an immune problem, it is a specific immune overreaction to harmless substances, such as dust, plants, food and animal dander.

The diagnosis of allergies includes a good medical history and testing. The most commonly performed tests are the skin test, the blood test and the food elimination test.

Avoidance of allergy triggers is the cornerstone of allergy management. The standard treatment for allergies with the pharmaceutical drugs and immunotherapy do control symptoms and prevent life-threatening reactions in case of anaphylaxis.

Integrative approaches can help people reduce their need for powerful medications that can have side effects. This goal can be achieved with the knowledge on how the environment, diet and lifestyle can affect allergy symptoms.

Dr.E. Mindel and Dr. P.W. Smith have selected the Hot 60 Anti-allergy and Anti-asthma Supplements that are considered to be most helpful for people with allergic conditions ( E.Mindel, Rph, MH, PhD; P. W. Smith, MD, MPH. What You Must Know AboutAllergy Relief. 2016)

The selected supplements not only relieve allergy symptoms, but they also enhance health due to anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties. Everybody is different, therefore the supplements choice must be personalized.